Houtimport Kuhn has a continuous flow  of Russian Timber, of which the major part originates from Mill 25 in Archangelsk. This modern sawmill delivers each 3 weeks a regular shipment to Beverwijk. The goods are shipped  with the modern vessels of Wijnne Barends, which gives a very low risk of wet deckcargo.

After discharge in Beverwijk we can deliver on short notice practically all sizes and qualities. Our transportcompany Dorrestijn is able to deliver any quantity within a few working days.

We also have a lot of possibilities with Scandinavian sawmills, with whom we have a longstanding relationship.  Deliveries  by lorry direct from the sawmills to the receiver and part-deliveries out of our stock in Beverwijk are one of our strongest features.

For our current stockposition please see our stocklist on the website!

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