All the timber that we import has been legally obtained from well-managed forests , which have been certified by independent organizations according to the rules of PEFC™ and FSC®.

Forests are of vital interest. Hundreds of millions of people world-wide are dependent on it for their livelihood. About 80% of all plants and animals live in the forests, which are the suppliers of timber, paper etc. as well. Each year all the forests and plants in the world absorb 123 billion tons of CO2. The tropical rainforest is absorbing 1/3 part of this. When we choose for timber from well-managed forests, we can use the forests eternally.

Sawn timber is a raw material which renews itself completely and permanently, as long as the forests are well-managed.

As a member of the Dutch Timber Trade Federation Organization “VVNH” ( Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen) Houtimport Kuhn supports the action-plan of the VVNH regarding the import of timber which is durably produced. It is the aim that in 2015 all pine-import will be certified.

Houtimport Kuhn is both PEFC and FSC certified. In 2013 more than 97% of our import was certified.


On March 3rd 2013 the EU Timber Regulation became effective. As an importer of pine we guarantee the legal origin of our timber imported from outside the EU. We can supply the information if needed.



FSC ( Forest Stewardship Counsel) is a world-wide independent organization with sustainable forestry as its main purpose. FSC promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the worlds forests. Its members are amongst others forest owners, environmental organizations, importers etc.

The FSCnumber of Houtimport Kuhn for FSC100% and FSCMix is: SGSCH-COC-001140

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FSC® logo licence nr: FSC-C022884


1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C. ©



Programme for the Endorcement of Forest Certification schemes. An international and independent non-profit non- governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management through independent third-party certification.

The vast majority of our Scandinavian suppliers are PEFC certified. They source their round timber from forests that comply with PEFC guidelines for sustainable forestry in respect of the environment, corporate social responsibility and economically viable forest management.

The PEFC number of Houtimport Kuhn is: SGSCH-PEFC-COC-030005


PEFC™ logo licensenr.: PEFC//01-31-17

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The Netherlands Wood Packaging Marking Foundation (SMHV) is an independent organization set up to implement the Dutch wood packaging marking program by order of the NVWA in Wageningen. This is done in line with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM- 15) so that the wood packaging satisfies the import requirements of other countries.

For ISPM- 15 deliveries made by Houtimport Kuhn, invoices carry the following statement:

For the supply of wooden products, that meet the criteria of ISPM 15, we are registered in the central register of the Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen. Our registration number is NL-111.

Banner Smhv Vierkant

CE marking

Since January 1st 2012 timber used for construction purposes needs to have a CE brand. This timber must be sorted to strength. This can be done mechanically or visually. A number of our suppliers have the possibility to deliver strength-sorted timber. We also have the possibility to sort parcels to strength in Holland.

Houtimport Kuhn imports strenghtsorted timber marked C18 and C24.